Spaxp is India’s 1st ever Spa Aggregation and Management company. The services used by the end user are branded as Spaxp. We aim to provide visitors with excellent quality of Spa experiences across India. We have partnered with various Spa’s which are managed and operated with our Co Branding Spaxp was launched in India by a group of Hospitality professionals who come from the background of Business Development, Revenue Management and Technology with an aim to solve the problems. Spaxp was launched in November with the thought of standardizing stand alone Spa's in India. We aim to become India’s largest Spa consolidation brand. Our aim is to acquire at least 100 Spa’s in the 1st year of its operation.


  • Minimal Online presence
  • Unskilled and Untrained Staff
  • Sourcing genuine and good quality products
  • Ambience and aesthetic appeal of the Spa
  • Up gradation and daily maintenance of utilities
  • Struggling with real time bookings
  • Outsource your Spa business and revenue management at a fragmented cost
  • We provide Skill development and Training to ensure accurate services and maximum revenues.
  • Our branded products are organic and friendly to the sensitive skin.
  • We conduct regular audits to ensure the right standards of cleanliness.
  • Our state of art Spa Management software ensures real time bookings are accepted with dynamic rate management.